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Marlène Bergue Corbun

Marlene is passionate about art but also has a background in business and strategy. She believes the combination of those fields is an asset for her to create strong and unique art collections that bring sentimental and economical value to her clients.

She has degrees and expertise in the worlds of both art and business. She started as a consultant working for a top strategy consulting firm (BCG, Courcelles spin-off). She then joined one of the world’s most important contemporary art galleries (White Cube) as private sales and exhibition manager, before pursuing a sales & advisory role at an international auction house (Christie’s). After those years in the art world, she started her own art consultancy business, Corbun Contemporary, dedicated to advising private individuals and institutions on building and developing art collections.

Educated at The Courtauld Institute in London (Post-Graduate Diploma in Art History) and at EM Lyon Business School in France (Master in Management). While studying art history, Marlene dedicated her research on Mark Rothko colour walls and their link with the existentialist theatre by Jean-Paul Sartre. Today she continues to write, and she regularly publishes articles on contemporary art for “Le Quotidien de l’Art” and AMA “The Art Media Agency”.

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Florie-Anne Virgile

I am passionate about 2 things in my work: content & relevance. Storytelling has been my life for the past 15 years, and my first love. I love meeting people, discovering their stories and finding new ways to tell them to the world. I have chosen this path to feed my insatiable curiosity. I am a producer with more than 10 years experience producing all kinds of videos, ei- ther in animation / real-life footage / 3D. With my first company, Docland Yard, in Paris, I produced more than 50 documentaries & corporate films including 3D & animated graphics and/or use of a green screen. I then moved to London a few years ago and started a new company, Myth-to-Measure, focused on story- telling on all formats, video, copywriting, design etc...

I have been writing news stories & documentaries for a long time, honing my interview skills with deep studies of human psychology and sociology while I was studying at Sciences Po (Institute of Political Sciences) in Paris. I can spend hours with my team trying to find the best way to convey not just a story, but also the personality and the life of the people we interview. That is why I chose to turn to real-life stories with my new company, whilst keeping the company-size small enough that I can actually be involved on the creative side of the projects.



Zee Upītis

Reconfigured filmmaker with formative roots in techno & warez/demoscene, existing in close parallel to arts and media; past and present includes journalism, coding, live visuals, music production, and the organization of raves and festivals.
For the last few years, Zee has been working internationally as a cinematographer, gaining extensive experience and a robust ability to work in difficult, unfolding situations – and also producing, directing and editing his own projects, most notably Frontier Church, the story of an Orthodox priest bringing church services to soldiers on the front line; and Divided Together, an experimental crossdiscipline venture involving composite 360 video and theatre performance.

His particular interest lies in topics that touch on the various freedoms of an individual, or society as a whole, including those of subcultures and spiritual practices, and the feedback loop of human choices shaping environment shaping human life.


Anton Yavorsky

Anton is a writer, director and editor with a passion for storytelling. After graduating with a degree in English from Cambridge University, he has spent over a decade in video production and editing, working on commissions and documentary films for international broadcast and online release. In 2019, he edited BAFTA-winning filmmaker Victoria Mapplebeck’s The Waiting Room, which was nominated for a Critics' Choice Documentary Award. He has worked with clients ranging from TF1, Eurostar, and the Council of Europe to Warner Brothers and the charity Sense, amongst others.

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Romana Bekkai

Wise and measured, Romana is the Myth-to-Measure communications expert. She has experience working and studying in France and the United Kingdom prior to joining Myth-to-Measure as the production, journalism and branding lead.

She works with corporate clients to help them reach new markets, drawing on her observational skills to ensure each client receives a bespoke service which suits their needs. Romana is experienced with creating PR and marketing strategies, as well as translation work and video creation. For this fast-paced role, Romana is inspired by all areas of production, and takes a real hands-on approach to her endeavours.

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Rusty J. Matalou

With a free spirit and a ceaseless creative drive, Rusty is at the forefront of the Myth-to-Measure creative department. Never one to back down from a challenge, his persistence and tenacity have helped Rusty develop a strong and diverse background in the creative industries, including a grassroots beginning in filmmaking. Rusty knows how to craft creative projects which reach their target audience, and has worked in film departments and broadcast television, where his projects included meticulously assembling storyboards and directing commercials.

3D, 2D, real-life footage, motion design… Nothing is out of range for this fecund spirit. His creative universe is wide and strong, with a flair for an old-fashioned finish mixed with a touch of modernism.

In most of his films, a graphic world interferes with reality, creating a mixed-media that has attracted many brands like Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Château de Versailles, BMW & Roche Bobois.

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Anne Sarah Huet 

Anne-Sarah Huet is the new recruit of Myth-To-Measure. Anne-Sarah has just completed a double course in Communication Technology Law and Intellectual Property Law at the University of Poitiers. This prestigious course allowed her to access internships such as Brand Content management at CANAL+. Thanks to this experience, she was able to strengthen her skills in marketing and digital communication. passionate about video and photography, she creates portfolio for actors and producies videos for none-profit. Anne-Sarah  brings creativity and enthusiasm to every project she works on.

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Perrine Virgile

Perrine Virgile is a French TV and film composer based in Los Angeles, CA. After studying classical music at the French conservatory and receiving a degree in Sound Engineering from the E.S.R.A school in Nice, France, Perrine moved to Boston, MA to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music. She graduated in late 2014 with a dual major in Film Scoring and Music Business, and moved to Los Angeles early 2015 to pursue her career as a film composer.

Perrine has worked with composer Jeff Russo (“Fargo”, “Star Trek Discovery”, “Legion”) for the past 5 years as a scoring assistant and additional writer. Perrine’s recent projects include additional writing on TV shows “The Act” (Hulu), “Counterpart” (Starz), “Channel Zero” (Syfy), “Cursed” (Netflix) and movies, such as “Lizzie” (selected for Sundance), as well as additional arrangements for movies “Mile 22”, “Submission” and “Three Christs”, and video game “What Remains of Edith Finch”. Most recently, she completed the music for short films “Before the Storm” (selected for the Manhattan Film Festival) and is co-credited as composer for the season 2 of Netflix hit series “The Umbrella Academy”. She was also one of the ten featured composers in “The Future is Female” concert series where she premiered two pieces, “Ten years” and “Life Was So Beautiful Then”. Her new concert piece “Odyssey of the New World” will be premiering at the Endless Mountain Film Festival in July 2021 as part of the Emerging Hollywood Composers Ensemble.

Perrine was one of the few lucky composers selected to participate in the SESAC Scores workshop series with composers Christophe Beck (“Frozen”, “Ant-Man”) and Chris Bacon (“Bates Motel”, “Men In Black: International”) and is currently working on her first orchestral album, which is set to release in Spring 2021.