Amali is a mentoring project designed by Rasha Oudeh, CEO of CEDEM AG, a Jordanian businesswoman with 22 years of diverse managerial experiences. Amali was founded in order to create a concrete impact on women's lives rather than only raising awareness of the challenges they face in their careers. It intends to establish a network of successful female entrepreneurs that have founded social or ecological businesses. The mission of Amali is to improve the economic opportunities for women through a mentoring network program by offering support, such as coaching, training, and mentoring. The first phase of Amali supported 14 female entrepreneurs.

As the project of Amali grew and gained momentum, Rasha Oudeh decided to work on another project under the umbrella of the Amali Mentoring Network, Amali for Arts, which aims to give global publicity to female Jordanian artists in order to shed light on the creativity present in Jordan and to support those women. Rasha decided to partner with Marlene Corbun de Kérobert and Florie-Anne Virgile from "Life of the Artist" to mentor and promote the talents of Jordanian female artists on a global level.

Life of the Artist was created to help contemporary artists connect with a wider audience by sharing their message and vision. A series of videos and a platform for communication, Life of the Artist is the brainchild of Marlène Corbun de Kérobert, contemporary art expert, and Florie-Anne Virgile, communications and content producer. Creating digital intimate encounters with artists, enabling the audience to visit the artists’ studios and witness their art practices, 

was the first step of Life of the Artist projects, now growing and looking to support artists across the world. Their meeting with Rasha Oudeh was an amazing opportunity to not only support women artists in Jordan with their art practice, but also mentor, women to women, creative and entrepreneurial minds across the Mediterranean.


The length of this round will be 1 year long where artists with great ideas will be trained in a number of aspects, including marketing oneself and one's artwork, and expressing one's vision and emotions on a deep and complex level. The reason that this project is important and special for Rasha Oudeh is because during her entrepreneurial path, she did not have access to mentors earlier in her career that could have helped pave her way with less time and effort wasted.

Art, in itself, is important to highlight because it allows not only the artists but the viewers to feel emotions in the sense that it encompasses feelings and experiences that may or may not be universal. It is also an important testimony of our times and cultures. There are many untapped talents in the country Rasha grew up in, Jordan, that she believes deserve more recognition and support.


Rasha Oudeh, Marlene Corbun de Kérobert and Florie-Anne Virgile are gathered on this common project to promote these artists who all have something unique to share with the world.


The programme - Summary

5 Female Artists from Jordan mentored by 3 entrepreneurs from Switzerland and the UK

• A coaching programme to support these artists in finding a wider international audience

• A series of videos to relate their journey

• A positive impact and potential long-term repercussions


What is special about this programme?

This programme is based on Marlène & Florie-Anne’s strengths: a deep expertise of the art market & history, with a strong knowledge of communication & how to use video in PR.

Building an art series: The coaching will focus on working on a new series of works of arts for each artists. This will include:


o Cultural research and building a deeper understanding of the background of each of the women artists in the programme.


o Collaborative Communication & PR about the programmes and the artists, built by Amali & Life of the Artist


o Videos to introduce the artists and their new series


o Potential range of exhibitions, digital or physical, depending on the partners we will work with on the project.

Coaching Sessions: Marlène is the art expert, she will lead those sessions. She will help the artist reach out and dig deeper at the same time, to get to the next step in their art practice and prepare a series of artworks for an international audience. Florie-Anne will be present to support the artists, coaching them to gain confidence when talking in front of a camera or an audience, & digging into topics such as how to market their art & their art practice.

The Programme will include:

- Study form to fill out before end of October 2020

- First Global Session: beginning of November 2020 to explain the project in details

- Individual Session 1: beginning of December

- Global Session 2; with Swiss Artist or Art Expert

- Individual session 2: beginning of February 2021

- Global session 3

- Communication with Florie-Anne – February

- Global session: beginning of April and prep for live interviews on Instagram

- Individual session 3: beginning of June

- Individual session 4: beginning of September

- Global session + end of project + video(s) in Jordan September/October for delivery December 2021


Natasha Dahdaleh

• Coaching environment:


o Setting up a cloud session for each artists to share their ongoing work and thoughts.


o Emails follow-ups


Communication & PR


o Communication on all social medias linked to Life of the artist

o Recording of all zoom sessions + editing of short/small videos to tease the project on social media + Instagram interviews with Marlene halfway through the project

o Production of press releases and spreading to both LOTA & AMALI networks.

The videos

The second phase of the programme will consist in the production of up to 5 videos to introduce these artists to the world, within the brand Life of the Artist.


Connecting the latest series of works, the artist’s vision and art practice to the international market. We will select up to 5 artists we feel ready for the international market and our editorial guidelines for videos.

Hala Twal

Dina Malkawi


Supporting this programme will open the doors to a wide array of opportunities and benefits:

• A long-terme positive impact on the life of female artists: supporting this project will help the platform grow and in turn support these women in their creative & entrepreneurial journey.


• An opportunity to host or introduce the exhibitions of their new series of artworks: showcasing their work either digitally or physically will be a true recognition of your patronage and position your organization as a beacon of female empowerment. Supporting this programme will open the doors to a wide array of opportunities and benefits.


Get in touch! Together with our team, we can customize our programme to fit into your yearly charity plan.


• 5 Female Artists from Jordan

• Selected for the maturity of their art practice

• Willing to embark on a journey to create a new series of artworks


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Dina Malkawi was born in Amman, Jordan in 1988. She graduated from the University of Jordan in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts.

She primarily works with Oil painting and watercolor mediums but also has few works with mixed mediums on metal and paper.


Most of Dina’s artworks are focused on human figures with their surroundings reflected through color and broad play of brush strokes.


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Hala is a Jordanian sculptor and painter, born in 1990 in Amman, Jordan. She received her B. A in the field of fine arts/sculpting from the University of Jordan/the faculty of art and design.


Hala’s main focus has always been on observing women in their natural ways of living. She creates her sculptures using different materials, clay (molds and casts), wood, stone, cement, and resin.


She also paints using acrylic and mixed media as she also makes her digital collage artworks based on photography and textures. All of which is Inspired by women, nature, and archaeology.


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Hanin is an Arts educator with over 12 years of experience in Education and curricula. She has received her master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Arts and Design from the University of Jordan.


In terms of her thought-orientated field, she is fascinated by the rich pedagogies that incorporate visual schemes as well as critical thinking which aligns hand in hand with the global context integrating holistic learning, which induces effective knowledge gain.


She has had 3 exhibitions, and her approach has developed from academic painting to abstraction, not only that but she has also created a color dialogue with the audience in order to communicate emotions as she layers on her canvas.


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Natasha is an artist and a musician. She graduated from Central Saint Martin’s, University of the Arts – London in 2008.


As an artist, she uses art and music as a language to communicate the things that she cares about.


Natasha’s artworks revolve around memories and objects that remind her of people or incidents. She also enjoys highlighting the beauty of repetition through different objects around her work space that she intentionally uses in her artwork, like the famous butterfly and the Islamic art patterns that she is known to repeatedly use.


Tina Omran is a Jordanian painter who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Arts from the American University of Cairo.


For her work, she relies on memories of nightmares, objects, people, landscapes and abandoned places.


She reflects on her own interpretation of the innocent and the evil using different characters who are connected in terms of their back stories

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•3 Women Entrepreneurs at the heart of the project

• 3 journeys in the worlds of entrepreneurship, art & communication

• Prepared to mentor and support talented female artists to help them reach a wider audience


Serial Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur, Mentor & Speaker – CEDEM AG / AMALI

Rasha Oudeh is a Jordanian businesswoman and serial entrepreneur with 21 years of experience. Born and raised in Jordan, grew up in a humble family as the eldest of 7 siblings. With her family’s simple background, her youth was characterized by many obstacles and responsibilities. She was surrounded by an environment that did not provide her with sufficient academic and professional advancement opportunities, which posed a huge hinderance to her goals and dreams. Her only option was to receive a two-year diploma in computer programming from a local community college, from which she graduated in 1999. Oudeh did not allow the obstacles she faced to stop her, and thus, in 2007, she went to Europe by coincidence to meet with medical companies, which is where her professional life took a turn.


In the last 14 years, she has been working in pharmaceutical trading and international business between the East & the West. Her career in the pharmaceutical industry began in 2007 when she established a pharmaceutical company, MED PRODUCTS GmbH, in Frankfurt, Germany, then in 2011, founded another company, Mera Pharma GmbH, in Zug, Switzerland, where she was the Managing Director until 2015. In 2016, Oudeh established CEDEM AG, a new pharmaceutical venture in Switzerland, and became its CEO. Oudeh, with her own team, in CEDEM AG created a product portfolio for Over-the-counter (OTC), nutraceutical and medicinal products that are tailored for the MENA region and China. Meanwhile, she studied and got a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Leadership from Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

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If Oudeh could change one thing about her entrepreneurial journey, it would be accessing mentors earlier in her life. Hence, she created the Amali Mentorship Network – Amali comes from amal, meaning hope in Arabic – which is a mentorship network that aims to support women entrepreneurs with taking the necessary steps towards successful self employment in order to reclaim their rights and freedoms and earn a better living. This, in turn, helps their families to flourish, their communities to prosper and economies to grow. Amali for Arts is but a new step in this journey to support Jordanian women in their careers.


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Marlène is passionate about art but also has a background in business and strategy. She believes the combination of those fields is an asset for her to create strong and unique art collections that bring sentimental and economical value to her clients.

She has degrees and expertise in the worlds of both art and business. She started as a consultant working for a top strategy consulting firm (BCG, Courcelles spin-off). She then joined one of the world’s most important contemporary art galleries (White Cube) as private sales and exhibition manager, before pursuing a sales & advisory role at an international auction house (Christie’s). After those years in the art world, she started her own art consultancy business, Corbun Contemporary, dedicated to advising private individuals and institutions on building and developing art collections.

Educated at The Courtauld Institute in London (Post-Graduate Diploma in Art History) and at EM Lyon Business School in France (Master in Management). While studying art history, Marlene dedicated her research on Mark Rothko colour walls and their link with the existentialist theatre by Jean-Paul Sartre. Today she continues to write, and she regularly publishes articles on contemporary art for “Le Quotidien de l’Art” and AMA “The Art Media Agency”.



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I am passionate about 2 things in my work: content & relevance. Storytelling has been my life for the past 15 years, and my first love. I love meeting people, discovering their stories and finding new ways to tell them to the world. I have chosen this path to feed my insatiable curiosity. I am a producer with more than 10 years experience producing all kinds of videos, ei- ther in animation / real-life footage / 3D. With my first company, Docland Yard, in Paris, I produced more than 50 documentaries & corporate films including 3D & animated graphics and/or use of a green screen. I then moved to London a few years ago and started a new company, Myth-to-Measure, focused on story- telling on all formats, video, copywriting, design etc...

I have been writing news stories & documentaries for a long time, honing my interview skills with deep studies of human psychology and sociology while I was studying at Sciences Po (Institute of Political Sciences) in Paris. I can spend hours with my team trying to find the best way to convey not just a story, but also the personality and the life of the people we interview. That is why I chose to turn to real-life stories with my new company, whilst keeping the company-size small enough that I can actually be involved on the creative side of the projects.